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Main holiday complaints

    The city’s market watchdog received more than 700 complaints during the Spring Festival holiday with hotels and catering, transportation, and culture and entertainment related issues topping the list, officials said yesterday.

    A total of 139 grievances out of 744 complaints received by the 12315 hotline were about hotels and catering, with a further 35 related to tourism service, according to the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau. Transportation problems drew 58 complaints.

    The gripes were triggered by a travel boom during the holiday, said officials, with disputes including online booking of hotels, online food delivery services, transport ticketing, and online tourism package orders and service.

    A tourist said a room at a Philippine beach resort in Boracay booked online did not match the promotion, while another tourist said the operator of a one-day tour in Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian Province, failed to provide meals and pick-up services as promised, the bureau said.

    There were 54 complaints related to culture and entertainment, compared with 38 over last year’s holiday.

    A consumer, who spent 1,746 yuan (US$269), complained about the curtailed number of entertainment items at an amusement venue.

    A movie-goer was angry that he was forced to buy 3D spectacles, while another patron complained about the 100-plus yuan extra charge for a pre-paid karaoke package.

    There were seven complaints over nianyefan (New Year’s Eve dinner) and food delivery. A consumer who had booked three tables for the dinner with a deposit found to his dismay that the restaurant was closed on the night.