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Songjiang to introduce automatic parking robots to improve efficiency and save space

    Songjiang will try out automatic parking robots this year.

    At a parking lot, a driver needs only to send orders through an app on his or her cell phone and the robot will then take care of the rest including finding a space available and parking the vehicle.

    Likewise, the robot will drive the car out when receiving an order to fetch the car. The process will largely improve the efficiency and safety at the parking lot.

    The robot is capable of moving in different directions, said a technician from its developer HiCTRL, a Songjiang-based technology company featuring omnibearing moving vehicle (OMV) services.

    Its steady maneuverability and high precision allow it to move around in narrow spaces, thus saving at least 50 percent of the parking space, which would be helpful in making the most of the already limited parking space.

    "The automatic parking robot is in fact a kind of smart logistics system," said Chen Xiao, the company’s general manager.

    They also combine other technologies like enterprise resourcing planning, warehouse management system and flexible manufacturing system to provide streamlined unmanned solutions for factories.

    "Our solutions will save for the enterprises 30 to 50 percent of time and human labor cost, which will substantially boost their competence in the market," Chen added.