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Minhang plans to build a batch of cultural sites this year

    Minhang District will build a batch of cultural sites before the end of 2018, including the new Minhang District Museum and Maqiao Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall.

    Also, Shanghai City Theater has started its renovation to upgrade stage mechanical mechanism, lighting, interior passages, stereo system, seats and toilet rooms. The theater is expected to reopen at the end of November.

    The new Minhang District Museum is located at the southwest corner of Minhang Cultural Park, and it's planned to open in December. With a floor space of 15,000 square meters, the new museum will blend in with the park and become a cultural icon of southwest Shanghai.

    The new museum will have three exhibition halls, namely the Maqiao culture exhibition hall, the 700-year history of Shanghai County exhibition hall, and the China's traditional musical instruments culture exhibition hall. Also, there is a 700-suqare-meter temporary exhibition hall reserved for domestic and foreign cultural and history exhibitions.