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Jinshan introduces more artist workshops

    Jinshan introduces more artist workshops


    Visitors are appreciating ink wash paintings by Zhang Peichu and his students at an exhibition supported by Jinshan government.

    Jinshan is introducing more artist workshops in the district to meet local need for cultural development.

    Since 2017, Jinshan has issued a series of rules and policies to encourage famous cultural figures as well as young artists to pursue their career in the district.

    According to the plan, the district will introduce up to five projects each year through strict selection. The projects landed will also be subsidized by the local government.

    So far, a number of renowned artists in traditional Chinese painting, local operas, comedy and dance have opened workshops in the district. They will also offer training courses for local art lovers.

    "On one hand local people get to appreciate quality culture and art events; on the other hand, the artist workshops help promote cultural prosperity in the district," said a director of the Jinshan Culture Gallery.

    Negotiation with several art troupes is also underway.