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Ancient bronze works from Shanghai Museum on exhibition in Chicago

    Some ancient bronze works from the Shanghai Museum are now on display at an exhibition titled "Mirroring China's Past: Emperors and Their Bronzes," which opened at the Art Institute of Chicago recently.

    The exhibition features 180 bronze works dating back to China's Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC), and it will be open until May 13. The bronzes are from the Palace Museum in Beijing, the Shanghai Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, some museums that have Asian arts collection in North America, and personal collections.

    Bronzes have always been the most sought-after ritual objects and collections among Chinese emperors, aristocrats, and scholars. This exhibition showcases famous bronzes such as the Bronze Cauldron of Shigan, and Lobed Tripod Cauldron (Shi Yin Li).

    Also, the Shanghai Museum will work with the Cernuschi Museum in Paris to hold an exhibition titled "Perfumes of China, the Culture of Incense in Imperial Times" from March 9 to August 6. With 91 sets of incense and fragrance burners, along with other ceramics, drawings, bronzes, and paintings from the collections of the Shanghai Museum, the exhibition will provide a fitting outlook on many aspects of Chinese culture.

    Another Shanghai Museum's overseas exhibition, "Ming Dynasty, the Radiance of Knowledge," will be held at the Moscow Kremlin Museums from April 17 to July 25. The exhibition will be dedicated to China's Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The 156 exhibits will mainly be Ming furniture, porcelain, painting, and archaeological artifacts.