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Japan the top overseas dealer at this year's East China Fair

    The 28th East China Fair concluded on Thursday, attracting a total of 22,311 overseas customers from 109 countries and regions and sealing sales of US$2.32 billion, up 0.77 percent and 0.16 percent respectively from last fair.

    This year, the fair's top 10 participating countries and regions were Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, US, UK, Canada, Russia, France and Germany. Among them, the Japanese participants accounted for 9,205, or 42.26 percent of the total.

    In terms of business transaction, Japan, Korea and US ranked the top three. Japan concluded deals of US$770 million, with an increase of 2.3 percent from last fair; Korea reported deals of US$318 million, up 67.54 percent; and the figures with US were US$223 million, down 34.17 percent from last fair.