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City to overhaul dead-end rivers and renovate more waterways in Suzhou Creek area

    Shanghai will this year renovate 155 kilometers of river course, dredge 78 kilometers of water course, overhaul 46 dead-end rivers and treat domestic sewage from 12,700 households in rural areas, according to a city government work conference on the fourth phase of Suzhou Creek comprehensive environment improvement project held on Tuesday.

    The project covers a total area of 855 square kilometers.

    Bfore the end of this year, the Suzhou Creek dyke renovation and sediment dredging work will kick off and the Changning section of walking path along the creek will be completed.

    Also, the meeting worked out the "lake chief" scheme for the 40 lakes scattered across Shanghai. When implemented, Shi Guanghui, vice-mayor of Shanghai, will be the chief for the renovation project of Dianshan Lake.

    One major task of the phase-four project of Suzhou Creek is to link up the disconnected sections of the riverbank. There are 15.3 kilometers of disconnected sections along Suzhou Creek, with more than half in Putuo District. The disconnected riverbanks are occupied either by communities, companies and institutions, or land development projects.

    Efforts here will focus on landscaping, flood wall renovation, building pedestrian bridges and walking paths, and waterside platforms.

    In addition, Shanghai will initiate the three-year type-V water treatment project this year by first mapping out the distribution chart of the extremely polluted water.  Meanwhile, the city will keep monitoring the 1,864 rivers that had been treated last year to prevent them from being polluted again.

    The rural areas will have full coverage of domestic sewage treatment involving more than 100,000 households. And rainwater and sewage shunting renovations will be carried out in 39 communities, along with old apartment buildings renovation projects.

    The city will overhaul 454 dead-end rivers, enhance the waters' self-purification ability, and connect 3,188 dead-end rivers before 2020.

    Shi Guanghui, vice-mayor of Shanghai, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.