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City press publishes illustrated myths of China in Chinese, English, and Polish

    "Illustrated Myths Legends China- The Ages of Chaos and Heroes" was published in Chinese, English, and Polish recently. This illustrated book contains 31 Chinese mythologies about the worlds origin, such as Nvwa Creates Human Beings, and Nvwa Mends the Sky.

    Written in Chinese by Huang Haide, Xiang Jing, and Zhang Dinghao, the book was published by Shanghai Literature and Art Press, and its English version, translated by Tony Blishen, will present to Western readers with heroic fictional figures throughout the formation of Chinas history. The English version will be available in American and European markets in April.

    The illustrated book features more than 70 artistic full color illustrations about the mythologies hidden in China paintings, jades, woodworks, lacquer works, gold and silver wares, stone reliefs, and bamboo slips.