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High level of toxic found in dried food items

    Two batches of dried shredded squid and dried fish slice sold at Metro supermarket chain and online shopping site were removed after they were found to contain a high level of a toxic chemical compound.

    A batch of dried shredded squid sold at the Jinshan outlet of Metro contained 6.68 micrograms of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) per kilogram, 67 percent higher than China’s national standard limit of 4mg/kg, the China Food and Drug Administration said.

    The supermarket chain removed the substandard products from their shelves, the Jinshan District Market Supervision and Management Bureau said.

    Another batch of dried fish slice produced by Jinhaima Seafood Co Ltd in Hebei Province and sold on, which is registered in Shanghai, contained 68.4 micrograms of NDMA per kilogram, or 16 times higher than the national standard.

    NDMA, a semi-volatile organic chemical found in cooked or smoked foodstuffs, affects liver and other organs and is a human carcinogen.

    The Jiading District Market Supervision and Management Bureau has ordered to stop its sales.

    Elsewhere, tests carried out on pistachios and almonds made by Yichun Xinwangshan Specialty Co Ltd in Heilongjiang Province and sold on the website of Carrefour were found to contain bacterial colonies totaling 50 colony-forming units per gram, compared to the 25 CFU/g allowed by law.

    Carrefour Shanghai had purchased more than 1,400 cans of the pistachios, out of which 841 cans with a sale value of 57,401 yuan had been sold, the Pudong New Area Market Supervision and Management Bureau said. The unsold ones have been returned to the supplier.

    In addition, 746 packs of substandard almonds with a turnover of 16,131 yuan have been sold.

    Chocolate wafer biscuits made in Indonesia and sold at the Baoshan outlet of Walmart failed for excessive peroxide, a sign that they were stale.