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Shanghai History Museum will officially open by end of March, admission free

    Shanghai History Museum will officially open to the public free of charge starting from the end of March.

    Since its trial operation in November 2017, the museum has already attracted more than 10,000 visitors.

    The east hall with a clock tower, once serving as a high-end club and overlooking a race course, was open to visitors during the trial operation.

    The west hall, now undergoing its final renovation, will also be used for exhibition after the official opening. The building is an English classical architecture with grey terrazzo and old chandelier and looks just like when it was built in 1925.

    It is close to Huangpi Road and was designed by a British firm. Its second floor was used for offices and the ground floor housed a number of horse stables. During its renovation, the old stable ground tiles were found and now they stand as witness to the museum's history.

    The 2,000-square-meter exhibition area of the west hall, including a history hall, a creative products sales area, lounges and an old photographic studio will be open to the public, and the exhibition "the History of Shanghai History Museum" will also be launched.

    Also, visitors will learn about Shanghai's 6,000 years of history through more than 1,000 relics at the east hall, and the museum will show major historical events of each important period and major revolutionary events.