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Songjiang issues the district's first ticket for improper handling of domestic waste

    The urban management department in Jiuting, Songjiang recently issued the first ticket in the district to a business premise on Jiuxin Road for not setting up classified garbage containers within a given period of time. The responsible person was fined 300 yuan (US$47.6)

    Jiuting urban management department launched a campaign to carry out a refined urban management earlier, which included requiring major business operation and property management sectors to put in place classified garbage cans.

    Units that fail to comply will receive an administrative fine between 50 and 500 yuan and are required to rectify in a certain period of time.

    Household wastes are usually "resources in the wrong place." The classification of these wastes would largely improve the efficiency in recycling and cutting down environmental pollution.

    Songjiang District has been actively promoting garbage sorting. It will continue its endeavor to further upgrade the classified management of domestic wastes in the district.