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Bangbang Robot wins the Red Dot Award for helping lower limb paralysis patients to stand up

    Songjiang-based Bangbang Robot has recently been honored with the German Red Dot Award, "Oscar" in the industrial design field and walks abreast with iF Design Award in Germany and International Design Excellence Awards in the US.

    Bangbang's robot was able to stand out among 6,351 pieces of works presented by 2,626 companies from 59 countries and regions in the world.

    It aims to help people with lower extremity motor dysfunction to get back on their feet.

    With ergonomic design, it has taken into full consideration the comfortableness of use and made the height, seat, kneecap and pedals all adjustable for patients. People assisted by the robot device can stand, squat and keep balance as well as do some daily chores and go shopping.

    The device can help patients easily navigate around in normal daily environment, thus saving them both time and cost in the rehabilitation hospital and build confidence in going back to a normal life.

    To ensure safety and convenience, the robot can also be controlled through app on the cell phone for rehabilitation monitoring, emergency alarm and real-time professional analysis.

    Last April, the robots started to sell in the market and patients who tried the models in a rehabilitation institution in Songjiang have given positive feedbacks. Bangbang then exported its products to Japan and North America.

    "Previously we were a robotic competition team in Harbin Institute of Technology and the idea of starting a company formed when we participated in a robotic skill completion," said Li Jianguo, founder and CEO of Bangbang. He began to develop medical robots after a family member of his suffered such dysfunction and later passed away.

    Bangbang's team finally settled in Songjiang's TUS-Caohejing Sci-tech Park, attracted by the place's favorable environment, growing space and administrative convenience.