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36 projects win support of Zhangjiang fund

    Thirty-six projects in the Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Park have won the support of Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Area Special Development Fund.

    Shanghai Suishan Industrial Co Ltd in the area won 1.5 million yuan (US$234,375) supportive fund to accelerate the development of its ion transmission membrane project. Compared with competition products, the ion transmission membrane developed by the company is more efficient with lower cost.

    There are altogether 449 enterprises in the Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, and 162 of them belong to industrial enterprises above designated size.

    In 2017, the total output of the area reached 38.37 billion yuan, among them 31 billion yuan output was generated by the 162 large scale enterprises.

    The Jinshan Branch covers an area of 21.08 square kilometers, and the enterprises there are mainly in the areas of high-end intelligent equipment, IT, healthcare, new-energy automobile, high-end special vehicle and core components.