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Parks to stay open longer in summer

    Local greenery body has decided to keep 195 parks open throughout the day or extend their open hours from May 1 to October 31 for people to enjoy a pleasant summer evening.

    The Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau said the number was up by 62 from last year. Among the 195 parks, 73 will stay open 24 hours.

    The Jing’an and Daning parks in Jing’an District will extend their opening hours to 10pm, while the Luxun and Quyang parks in Hongkou District will remain open till 9pm. The Putuo and Changfeng parks in Putuo District will stay open till 9pm. These parks close by 6pm now.

    “We want to provide space for residents to walk, jog and enjoy a cool evening,” said Peng Chunxiao, a bureau official. “We hope visitors obey public order and regulations, be mindful of others and not play loud music.”

    Park operators have been ordered to enhance security and increase patrols at night to eliminate hazards with the cooperation of police and urban management officials.

    They will be responsible for controlling noise and stop uncivilized behavior, Peng said.

    Park operators will also have to improve facilities like steps, guardrail, lighting, surveillance camera and sign boards to ensure safety of visitors.