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Traffic police target riders, pedestrians

    More than 13,000 traffic violations involving non-motor vehicles and pedestrians were recorded via surveillance cameras this year as of April, according to the city’s traffic police. They are looking at the possibility of blacklisting repeat offenders in the city’s credit management system.

    Of the 13,127 violations caught on camera, 1,527 involved non-motor vehicles going through red lights, and 6,157 heading in the wrong direction.

    The other 5,443 violations were jaywalkers.

    “Non-motor vehicles” refer to bicycles, e-bikes, mopeds, motorbikes and scooters.

    Police said the violations included a rider caught running a red light for the fifth time and a woman caught going in the wrong direction for the fourth time.

    Police said they are to install cameras with facial recognition technology at more key intersections within the outer ring road and main crossings in the city’s suburbs.

    They said they would be visiting repeat offenders and are exploring blacklisting them in the credit management system.

    Blacklisting makes it difficult to apply for financial subsidies, buy new-energy vehicles and even apply for jobs.