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Jinshan bakery exhibition promotes local snacks

    NamChow Bakerys 22th Anniversary and Bakery Exhibition kicked off on Tuesday in Jinshan. It was a grand event in the trade and a great opportunity to promote original Jinshan snacks.

    The exhibition took up an area of 3,800 square meters and was the largest ever since. It might also become a regular tourist attraction in the district.

    This year the exhibition focused on the Chinese-style bakery and history and culture, especially the craftsmanship. Visitors could treat themselves with the exhibitors products at the site.

    Bakery enterprises were able to network and seek cooperation at the exhibition as well.

    NamChow Bakery is an enterprise headquartered in Taiwan, which is engaged in food production and dining service business. It set up a factory in Jinshan in 2012 and aims to promote the integration of agricultural, manufacturing and industrial tourism in the district.