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Shanghai Museum archaeological team to carry out an excavation mission in Sri Lanka

    Shanghai Museum's archaeological team will join hands with Sri Lanka's research institutes and their archaeological experts to carry out a 40-day excavation field trip in Sri Lanka in August.

    Yang Zhigang, curator of Shanghai Museum, said the reason why the museum's archaeological team chose Sri Lanka to carry out its first overseas operation is that Sri Lanka was a very important juncture along the Maritime Silk Road and it boasts a rich archive of historical recordings and evidences of the Chinese mariner and diplomat Zheng He's (1371-1433) voyages in the nearby seas.

    Sri Lanka values Shanghai Museum's scholarly reputation and attainments and this archaeological excavation cooperation will further promote the Belt and Road initiative in Sri Lanka.

    The archaeological team believes that the excavation operation will produce crucial evidence for human exchanges in history, as well as filling in the blanks of the archaeological works of the Maritime Silk Road.

    The Shanghai Museum's archaeological team was founded in the 1950s and it has undertaken most of the major archaeological missions in the city.