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Shanghai academy develops an automatic noise map management system

    Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences has developed a noise map management system in Shanghai, according to a Jiefang Daily report yesterday.

    It's the first urban noise map management system which can automatically update in China.

    On the map, different levels of noise have been converted into different colors. For example, deep green is used for noise between 40 and 45 decibels and bright red is for noise between 60 and 65 decibels.

    Altogether 12 colors have been adopted for the noise map management system inside the Outer Ring Road of Shanghai. With the system, urban management departments can trace noise sources, control environment noise and make urban planning more scientifically.

    Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences has been working on the map since 2012. And the rate of deviation of the system has been improved to less than 3 percent from real-time reading at the site. And the map can be updated every 20 minutes.

    Similar urban noise map management systems can be found in European Union countries, Japan and South Korea.