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Bright Garden visitor center now open

    Two long-abandoned factory complexes in Miaozhen Town, on Chongming Island, have been reopened as a massive tourist center for the soon-to-open Bright Garden.

    The 20,000-square-meter center, operated by Bright Food (Group) Co Ltd, will also serve as one of the main venues of the 10th China Flower Expo, which will be held on Chongming Island in 2021.

    Bright Garden, covering a total area of 30 square kilometers, is still under construction and will welcome visitors next year. The eco-friendly complex will feature farm tourism, interactive experiences and, of course, gardening.

    Highlights will be three large growing areas for lavender, rape flowers and sunflowers respectively.

    High-end resort hotels and Michelin-star restaurants will also be opened in the surrounding area.

    In previous decades, the factory complexes that now house the visitor center produced such varied items as screwdrivers, latex and paint. Alongside these reminders of the area’s industrial past, one can find hints of the island’s agricultural heritage in old preserved mills and water flumes.