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Fengxian organizes an order-placing fair to help farmers sell their fruits

    Fengxian government organized an order-placing fair at a village entrance yesterday afternoon to help local farmers to sell their fruits.

    Despite the two typhoons that brushed past the area recently, Fengxian has still reaped a bumper harvest of pear and peach this year. The district has yielded 7.5 million kilograms of pears and 11.25 million kilograms of yellow peaches this season, doubling that of last year.

    To help alleviate local farmers concerns for dull sale, Feng Wenhua, a delegate of the Fengxian District Peoples Congress, filed a proposal to the district government asking it to lend a hand and soon his suggestion was approved by the districts Party Secretary Zhuang Mudi.

    The promotion event was then organized by the districts agricultural and commerce departments.

    About 30 major local enterprises including Pechoin and JALA showed up at the fair, tasting these fruits to check the quality, negotiating with the fruit growers and placing orders in the end.

    It is an agricultural issue that must be solved as Fengxians agriculture keeps growing, Zhuang stressed.

    "We should work on a long-term mechanism to effectively help increase local farmers income," he added.

    Fengxian is now building a green brand featuring hazards-free and organic agricultural produce that will eventually receive a geographical identification, so as to boost agricultural profits.