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National Science Day: whizz-bang fun!

    Few things are as rewarding and fun as making your own ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

    As part of the city’s National Science Day celebrations this weekend, kids can not only cook up their favorite frosty deserts, but can make their own soap and hand lotion at Shanghai Science Hall.

    And it’s not just chemistry. Shanghai Institute of Optics is staging some experiments to help children learn about refraction, reflection and dispersion of light on Sunday.

    This year’s celebrations, from September 15-21, are focused on practical applications of science in other subjects like art, sports and history.

    A theater in the science hall will use holographic projections and video capture technology, to allow the audience to watch virtual stage dramas and Peking Opera while interacting with the performers — or even performing themselves, after being projected on to the stage.

    A dome-screen cinema will be set up in the science hall’s parking lot showing a series of cool science videos.

    At the cinema on the third floor of the hall’s Sinan Building, a science film week will begin on Sunday. Twelve domestic and international films will be screened at a cost of only 1 yuan (15 US cents) each.

    Some city districts will organize science-related orienteering to allow people to learn about science while taking exercise.

    City walks will lead participants around landmarks of history and scientific development. A 3.8-kilometer route will start from Xintiandi and end at the science hall.

    National Science Day celebrations will see the unveiling of “intelligent scientific popularization,” which will put science education resources on screens in residential complexes.