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Advanced equipment to 'streamline' spine surgeries

    A high-end mobile X-ray system designed for 2D fluoroscopic and 3D imaging has been adopted in spine surgeries to streamline the procedure, improve accuracy and reduce complications, local medical experts said over the weekend.

    Spine surgery is complicated and risky, and was limited due to the limitations of equipment and technology ¡ª doctors could only use ordinary X-rays to check the spine. The imaging was simple and doctors had to use a large number of X-rays during surgery to check the spine from different angles.

    "The procedure was time-consuming and not very accurate. Any mistake could result in damage to a patient's nerves and blood vessels," Dr Jiang Jianyuan from Huashan Hospital said. "Without cutting-edge equipment, doctors had to depend on their experience sometimes."

    The new O-arm O2 Imaging System will allow doctors to attain real-time, 3D imaging of the patient to help them accurately carry out surgery.

    "In spine surgery, the patient's image is like a map while the imaging equipment is like a satellite," Jiang said. "Development of technology and equipment greatly drops the risks of spine surgery and improves its effects."

    So far, the system has been used in spine surgeries for some 10,000 patients across China.