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Trip into outer space just one highlight of tourism festival

    A 360-degree immersive dome-screen cinema, which takes audiences on a journey into outer space on a number of popular science activities, is just one of the events Jiading District will offer during the annual Shanghai Tourism Festival.

    The dome-screen cinema at Life Hub @ Anting will screen a variety of films ranging from art and education to travel, through October 7.

    Upon stepping into the cinema, audiences will be surrounded by huge screens and feel like they are racing into a starry sky. The journey will take people into space and also travel around the world.

    Space Quiz, one of the films, will take people to explore the secrets of outer space, while Dino Planet will unfold the world of the dinosaurs. Flight of Fancy will simulate the journey of astronauts, and Art Universe will reveal the secrets of the universe in an artistic way. Other films such as Gopal, Cosmic Egg Story, Asteria and Little Dragon Adventures will also be screened.

    A shadow play featuring Change, Chinese goddess of the Moon, will be screened for the mid-autumn festival. Visitors will be able to learn scientific knowledge via display boards.

    As Jiading is known for its auto culture, a number of auto races will be held during the Shanghai Tourism Festival. A clown carnival and theater season will be held in Jiading during the festival as well.

    On top of all that, a number of industrial tours will be hit the Shanghai Auto Museum in Jiading in late September, which will involve Yangshupu Water Plant and Shipyard 1862.