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Local research on lung cancer recognized internationally

    Seven scientific research results and opinions developed by local doctors from Shanghai Cancer Center have been included in international guidelines for lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, the city's health authority announced on Thursday.

    The pieces of research have effectively improved patients' survival and life quality.

    Shanghai Cancer Center conducts 2,000 lung cancer surgeries and offers 50,000 out-patient services for lung cancer patients every year, leading to a five-year survival rate after surgery that is 10 percent higher than the international level, officials said.

    With a large pool of patient resources, the hospital has carried out many studies to lead lung cancer research. A study covering 11,332 local residents found women and non-smokers are also at risk of lung cancer in China and should receive regular screening for early detection and treatment.

    "We further studied 202 cases of lung cancer patients, who are non-smokers, in order to find the causes for the disease," Dr Chen Haiquan from the Shanghai Cancer Center said. "Nearly 90 percent of patients were found to have genetic mutations, which can be targets for new drugs and therapy development."

    The center also regulated the diagnostic procedure and tests for lung cancer patients before surgery and removed unnecessary checks, which helped the government save on medical expenses and prevent patients receiving unnecessary radiation exposure and other invasive tests.

    The new guidance for pre-surgery checks has been introduced to some 20 leading hospitals in the nation, benefiting over 10,000 patients and helping the government save over 20 million yuan (US$2.92 million) in medical expenses every year.