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Foreign groups in Shanghai get chance to offer CIIE suggestions

    As the first China International Import Expo approaches, representatives of foreign organizations in Shanghai have called for a one-stop advice service.

    The suggestion was made by foreign consuls and representatives of commercial chambers at a meeting organized yesterday by the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference to solicit ideas to improve the CIIE.

    All the foreign attendees said they are looking forward to the event as a great opportunity to showcase their products and national image.

    Mario Tani, Vice Consul Commercial of the Philippine Consulate-General in Shanghai, said CIIE is now one of the most important events for the Philippines. At least two ministers, three vice ministers and more than 100 delegates will attend the expo.

    But Tani said delegates had to approach different organizations for help with queries, such as the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing, the CIIE Bureau in Shanghai, and even contractors.

    "One organization which can answer all questions will be more convenient," he said.

    Veomayoury Baccam, director of Government Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said many of the chamber¡¯s 1,500 member companies will have exhibitions at the CIIE.

    "We all know that US-China relations continue to have many problems, issues and frictions, but our companies still value very much the Chinese market. In fact, they find its a key to their global success," she said. "So CIIE for them is an important opportunity to build their market and to find more opportunities."

    Baccam also suggested organizers have designated persons for the companies or consulates to talk with when they have problems at the airports, or when they wish to add or change delegates.