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Traffic officers teach foreign students about fake taxi dangers

    Officers from the citys traffic authority, police and education commission organized a series of campaigns at 63 universities around the city on Tuesday to raise student awareness of the harm of illegal taxis and ride-hailing, especially among overseas students.

    The officers gave lectures to both domestic and overseas students, preparing documents and posters in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese to teach students how to spot an illegal vehicle.

    Most of the foreign students said they couldnt distinguish between legal and illegal taxis. Officers showed them horrific cases involving robbery, accidents and even rape and murder that occurred while using illegal taxis or ride-hailing services.

    The students were taught to pay more attention to the service card on taxis and not to board a random car offering to give them a ride. The officers also outlined the procedure to acquire a drivers license and car plate.

    "One way to tell whether a taxi is legit or not is to try to pay the fare with a public transportation card," an officer from the traffic authority said. "The process wont go through on illegal taxis as the taximeters are not connected with any taxi firms."