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Shanghai set to welcome winter today

    SHANGHAI is likely to enter the winter season today, with the possibility of snow over the weekend.

    Under the combined influence of a cold front and warm southwesterly moisture, there will be sleet in the city tonight until Sunday morning, the Shanghai weather bureau said.

    It is likely to snow 3-5 millimeters in the city’s western parts, including Jiading, Qingpu, Jinshan and Songjiang districts from tomorrow night to Sunday morning.

    Snow cover of 1-2 centimeters is also expected in some areas. But it is unlikely to stay as the ground temperature is still high and the snow is likely to melt.

    Skies will be overcast and it will rain again on Sunday and Monday.

    The mercury will range between 4 and 8 degrees under drizzly and sleety skies today.

    Tomorrow and Sunday will be colder. The lowest temperature in downtown will drop to 3 degrees Celsius, while the low in suburban areas will be 0-2 degrees.

    The temperatures will bounce back with a low of 5-6 degrees next week and a high of 10 on Monday and Tuesday, with intermittent drizzles.

    The wet condition will come to an end late next week.