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Life is not a bowl of cherries. It's a line.

    Life is not a bowl of cherries. It's a line.

    The world’s longest line of fruit, made up of tens of thousands of Chilean cherries, is shown to the public at the Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal at the North Bund in Hongkou District yesterday.

    The Chilean Cherry Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association created an image of two giant cherries with 24,638 deep red cherries.

    It broke a Guinness record for the world’s longest line of fruit. All the cherries used for the event will be presented to needy local families. Chile is the largest supplier of cherries to China, which is also its top customer, buying over 85 percent of Chile’s cherry exports, according to the association.

    Under the 2005 China-Chile Free Trade Agreement, Chilean cherries are imported into China with zero tariffs. Representatives from China’s fruit industry, the Chilean government, exporters and growers took part in the event.