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New art exhibition hall opens in city temple
    An art exhibition hall of veteran artist Chen Jialing was opened in the city's Jade Buddha Temple on Sunday.
    Born in 1937 in neighboring Zhejiang Province, Chen is famous for his fusion of traditional ink-wash techniques and modern elements.
    A senior researcher with China National Academy of Painting and a professor with Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Chen rose to fame in the late 1980s for his "Lotus" series. His artworks have been exhibited in Japan, the United States, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands.
    The permanent exhibition space within the temple displays Chen's ink paintings under the theme of Buddhism, lotus, famous Chinese mountains and Zen. Sixteen of Chen's masterpieces on arhat — those who have achieved or are close to achieving enlightenment — are showcased.
    Some inspiring Zen-style wooden furniture, silk garments and porcelain wares created by Chen are also displayed in the hall.
    Chen gained his reputation as an "innovator" by applying impressionist and abstract influences to traditional Chinese ink paintings. He also blends ink with porcelain, silk garments and classical rosewood furniture.