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Love thy neighbor, doctor, mother-in-law, spouse
    Callers about disputes between patients and hospitals, family members, couples and neighbors to emergency hotline 110 now can have mediators from different levels of judicial authorities help them instead of police officers, the bureau said yesterday.
    According to Shanghai Justice Bureau, when police receive calls about such disputes, information may be transferred to the bureau’s online intelligent mediation platform, through which district justice bureaus and local judicial offices can arrange mediators.
    Taking a call about water leaking from an upstairs apartment as an example, mediators will connect to the caller at once and arrive at the scene within two hours. At weekends or after work, mediators will set a time to visit.
    If the conflict grows beyond the mediators’ capacity, the matter will be passed back to the police.
    Besides the above disputes, mediation is likely to soon include disputes over money, traffic accidents, employment, resettlement, real estate, school affairs and between drivers and passengers.