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Two Jinshan scenic spots get ministry nod for Spring season agricultural travel
    The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs listed two picturesque areas in suburban Jinshan District among 181 key scenic spots during Spring season across the country recently.
    Huakaihaishang Ecology Park and Chinese Peasant Painting Village were recommended by the ministry at the 2019 Chinese Beautiful Village Leisure Travel Promotion Event.
    Huakaihaishang Ecology Park covers an area of 400,000 square meters, or the size of around 60 standard soccer fields, in its core area, which is made up of four zones. Inside the park, visitors can take a 10-kilometer leisure walk along a greenway, and take rest on 2,000 square meters of lawn and nine sightseeing platforms.
    Chinese Peasant Painting Village at Zhonghong Village of Fengjing Town is one of the first cultural industry parks in Shanghai. Visitors can appreciate Jinshan Peasants Painting, paper cutting, embroidery, weaving, furniture carving, and paintings on walls of traditional stoves in rural areas as well as blue cloth with patterns in white. The village is also a demonstration unit for agricultural travel in China.