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Online service platform for electronic seal debuts
    An online public service platform on electronic seal in Shanghai made its debut on Thursday, providing a one-stop comprehensive service of electronic seals for legal persons and electronic signatures for individuals by way of simple clicks.
    By logging on to, enterprises or citizens can use electronic documents backed by cryptographic technique when transferring the documents online. 
    In China, seals are widely used in published government documents and in signing of contracts, deals or agreements. The history of making seals dates back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). 
    Electronic seals and electronic signing share the same force of law as signatures and seals, according to Chinese laws. 
    In the future, enterprises can use electronic seals in the area of trade, investment, e-commerce and signing of contracts, while citizens can use it in social security, medical insurance and application of certificates.
    In addition, the electronic seal platform in Shanghai will join a national electronic seal platform, enabling cross-regional applications for all related services in the country.