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Putuo teenagers festival sheds light on sci-tech education
    The Putuo Teenagers Science and Technology Festival and STEM Education Forum was held at Wenda School last week, gathering scholars and experts to shed light on the development of sci-tech education.
    The event presented honors to the top 10 young "academicians" in the district for their forward thinking on science and innovation. Their researches cover a bunch of practical issues, including the ponding system on the sidewalk and using activated carbon to process chemical liquid waste.
    Officials from Wenda School, Caoyang Middle School and No. 2 Secondary School Affiliated to Tongji University briefed about their approach to sci-tech teaching.
    Wenda has a lab that specially looks into Shanghai local insects and their living conditions while Caoyang helps students develop a prospect for space city in the future. One of the latter's project was a first-prize winner at last year's International Space Settlement Design Competition preliminary selection in China.

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