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Maritime Day festivities are a blast

    Maritime Day festivities are a blast

    Children wave flags at Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal yesterday as they visit vessels (left) open to the public on Maritime Day.

    The fog horns of three ships docked at Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal sounded at 9am yesterday, marking China’s 15th Maritime Day.

    Patrol ship Haixun 01, rescue vessel Donghaijiu 204 and pilot boat Hugangyin 6 were open to the public, attracting many visitors.

    Haixun 01 played an important role in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and rescue work for Panama-registered oil tanker Sanchi.

    Limited-edition postmarks and cards were available at the maritime-themed post office on Huoshan Road, Hongkou District, based on the Wusongkou Lighthouse in Baoshan District and the magnolia, city flower of Shanghai. The first record of lighthouses at Wusongkou can be traced back to the year 1412. The current lighthouse was built in the early 20th century.

    Passengers can also see models of naval vessels at South Shaanxi Road Metro Station.

    A model of aircraft carrier Liaoning is on display at People’s Square Station.

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