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Construction and wet trash taken care of

    Two recycling plants for wet trash and construction garbage are due to come online in Songjiang District at the end of the year.

    They are part of the Shanghai Tianma Household Waste Treatment and Utilization Center, which incinerates more than 2,000 tons of dry garbage daily to generate power.

    With a total investment of 1 billion yuan (US$147 million), the Tianma Jingmai ecological park hosting the two plants will also house the second phase of a household garbage treatment plant.

    Construction is in full swing, and the anaerobic tanks are taking shape.

    Wood, plastics and metals will be separated from construction garbage and be crushed and screened for recycling at the center.

    About 2,400 tons of dry trash produced in Songjiang and Qingpu districts are incinerated daily after dehydration fermentation of three to five days.

    Leakage will be collected via pipes, with exhaust gas treated to avoid further pollution.

    During incineration, harmful substances such as dioxine will be eliminated.

    The pollutant index is upgraded every five seconds and will also be transmitted to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China.

    The garbage treated can generate 960,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity daily and can satisfy the power demand of up to 160,000 households.

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