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The Forest on Water area in Qingpu opens to public

    The Forest on Water scenic area of Qingxi Countryside Park in suburban Qingpu District has opened to the public after a two-month renovation.

    With a total area of 40,000 square meters, or the size of 5.7 standard soccer fields, the Forest on Water is in the preserved area of Qingxi Countryside Park, which is built on a natural wetland alongside Dalian Lake, or Big Lotus Lake.

    The operator of the Qingxi Countryside Park has opened its first phase project, covering 4.6 square kilometers, to the public, including Dalian Lake, farmland demonstration area, fishing and leisure experience area and the ecological preservation area.

    The straight cypress trees were planted as deep as 3 meters in the river in 1982, making the area an ideal habitation ground for birds, aquatic plants and animals.

    Visitors to the scenic area have to take sightseeing tickets with their ID cards in order to better protect the ecological sensitive area.

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