Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone

    Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, a state-level development zone approved by the State Council in 1990 with a planning area of 20 square kilometers, is located in the middle of Pudong New Area in Shanghai, with Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone to its west, Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone to its north, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park to its south.

    With Jinqiao Road as the boundary, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone is divided into two parts. In the east, it is an industrial zone, which is officially approved to be “Shanghai Jinqiao Modern Technology Park” by the Ministry of Science and Technology in April 1998. In the west, it is a living area Jinqiao International Community.

    Jinqiao Export Processing Zone has the supporting infrastructure of “9 connections and 1 leveling”, including “centralized heat supply” and “satellite communications”. Moreover, supporting services including finance, trade, commodity inspection, customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, research, consulting, retail, dining and entertainment, real estate, property management are also provided in the Park.

    As of the end of 2000, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone had introduced 377 projects, attracting domestic and overseas investment of USD8.74 billion. Among the world-renowned multi-national companies which make investment in Jinqiao, 26 are top 500 enterprises in the world according to Fortune Magazine. 26 enterprises within the Zone were selected as “top 500 industrial enterprises in Shanghai for 1999”. 72 enterprises are recognized as Shanghai high-tech enterprises. Jinqiao has formed an industrial cluster with electronic information, automobile and spare parts, modern home appliances, and bio-pharmaceutical industries as its four pillar industries.

    In 2000, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone realized gross industrial output value of RMB45.7 billion, accounting for 28% of the total of Pudong New Area. 44 enterprises within the Zone achieved annual output value of over RMB100 million.

    Jinqiao International Community has middle-and-high-end residential quarters for both Chinese and expatriates, office buildings, and such supporting facilities as kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, supermarkets and hospitals. “Green Villa”, which won the award of best residential quarter in Shanghai for classical architectures in memory of the 50th anniversary of the founding of New China in 1999, is located in the middle of Jinqiao International Community, with all of its 70 villas rented out.

    “Jinqiao Bay Qingshui Garden” of 220,000 square meters within the domestic residential area was awarded the title of “Model Residential Quarter of Shanghai”.

    Due to the needs of Pudong development, Wangqiao Industrial Zone was put under Jinqiao Export Processing Zone for management in 1999. Wangqiao Industrial Zone is located in the southeastern part of Pudong New Area and to the north of Chuansha Town, with the planning area of 4.2 square kilometers. Till the end of 2000, the Zone had introduced 72 projects, attracting domestic and foreign investment of USD860 million and realizing gross industrial output value of RMB4.5 billion in 2000. Jinqiao Export Processing Zone characterized by high-standard starting point, high-speed construction, highly intensive investment, and high-tech industry is entering its harvest period and becoming a shining economic growth driving point for Shanghai.