ShanghaiLujiazui Finance and Trade Zone


    Shanghai Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong New Area of Shanghai is the only state-level development zone in China that is named with such words as “finance and trade” after the Central Party Committee and the State Council announced the opening up of Pudong in 1990. The Zone in Pudong New Area of Shanghai is right against the Bund in Puxi and surrounded by Huangpu River, the mother river of Shanghai, and inner ring road of Shanghai, with an area of 28 square kilometers.

    Leading industries

    Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone is the only state-level development zone in China that takes finance, insurance and securities, and trade as its main industries.

    Development and construction status

    To make sure the development and construction of the Finance and Trade Zone reaches an internationally advanced level, world-renowned experts in planning and design were invited to work hands in hands with Shanghai planning experts for the overall planning, transportation planning and urban planning. Planning masters from China, Britain, France, Japan, Italy and other countries contributed their wisdom to the planning scheme of Lujiazui Central Financial District which reflects the advanced level of contemporary planning design and was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government. According to the functional layout in the planning, the Zone is divided into several key development areas: central financial district, Zhuyuan business district, administrative and cultural center, Longyang residential area, etc. The reasonable functional layout not only highlights the finance and trade function development focus but also gives full consideration to the needs of building a modern city.

    Two bi-directional cross-river tunnels along East Yan’an Road, one cross-river subway Line 2, and two bridges of Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge have been built. Together with cross-river pedestrian tunnel, Pearl Line Phase II cross-river rail transport, and two cross-river automobile tunnels along Dadao Road and East Fuxing Road, they will build a dimensional traffic system on the Huangpu River, thus maintaining smooth transport link between the Zone and Puxi.