Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone

    Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone, one of Shanghai’s earliest municipal industrial zones, was established in May 1992, with 26.88-square-kilometer planned area and 13.9-square-kilometer reserved area.

    1. Geographical advantages

    Situated in the heart of the “Larger Pudong” with the Pudong Section of Shanghai’s Urban Outer-ring Line running through, Kangqiao Industrial Zone is known as “Pudong’s South Gate”. Pudong New Area’s preferential policies are applied here.

    With state-level development parks Jinqiao and Zhangjiang to its north, Yangshan International Deep Water Port to its south, Expo Pavilions to its west and planned large theme park to its east, Kangqiao Industrial Zone is a powerhouse that drives the coordinated development between Nanhui District and Pudong New Area. It is an instrumental part of the Pudong micro-electronics industrial belt, which also includes state-level development parks Waigaoqiao, Jinqiao and Zhangjiang.

    2. Investment environment

    The infrastructure, including water supply and drainage, sewerage, electricity, telecommunications and transportation, in Kangqiao Industrial Zone is almost completed. With its favorable investment environment, along with its investor-oriented R&D team, international management model and services in conformity with ISO9001 and ISO14001, Kangqiao Industrial Zone has attracted investors home and abroad.

    KangqiaoTown, where the industrial zone is located, is a state-level sanitation town. Shanghai Institute of University of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai Jianqiao University and Shanghai Zhongqiao College here are sources of talents with pragmatic abilities. Besides middle and high end villas such as The Emerald, Oasis Villa, Cambridge Monte Vista and Kangqiao Byland, there are affordable residential quarters like Zhongbang Chengshi Huayuan and Kangqiao Old Street, etc. The communities are with beautiful scenery and well facilitated with finance, shopping, leisure and entertainment venues. In the neighborhood are commercial banks, five-star hotel Crown Holiday Hotel, Tianrunfa Supermarket, Kangqiao Peninsula Club and Kangqiao Cultural Center.

    3. Industrial development

    Riding on the coordinated development with Pudong, Kangqiao Industrial Zone’s pillar industries, i.e. modern manufacturing sector featuring IT, medical devices and healthcare and autos and components, are flourishing. Its IT industrial zone and auto components industrial park were awarded “Exemplary Zones of Key and Specialized Industries of Shanghai”.

    Moreover, there is a 5.8-square-kilometer area under construction, which, as planned, will consist of “Shanghai Headquarters Hub”, “Huaqiang Business Island” and “Telecommunications Port”, as part of the industrial zone’s effort to upgrade and expand its industrial structure. In January 2008, the area was officially recognized as Shanghai’s “producer services cluster” by Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization, and has now over 20 headquarters and R&D centers set up by companies such as ABB, General Motors, Toyota and Asus, including one global headquarters and three Asia Pacific headquarters.

    4. Economic prospects

    With the “multiplier effect” of producer services industry and advanced manufacturing industry, Kangqiao Industrial Zone is now on the “freeway” of sound and sustainable development.

    Kangqiao, a coastal area and a promising land, is awaiting you!