ShanghaiBaoshan Industrial Park

    ShanghaiBaoshan Industrial Park is a municipal level industrial park established on February 21, 2003, with the approval of Shanghai municipal government. Approved by the district Party committee and government of Baoshan, its Party Affairs Committee and Management Committee were established on March 28, 2003 and Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Park Investment and Management Co., Ltd. in June 2003. The industrial park is located in the northeast of Shanghai and the frontier of Yangtze River Delta, with Yangtze River port to the east, Luodian to the south, Jiading Technology Town to the west and Taicang City to the north. Surrounded by North Yunchuan Road, Hutai Road, Xinchuansha Road and Shitai Road, the industrial park will cover an area of 23 square kilometers when fully developed. With new industrialization driving urbanization as its development concept and building a comprehensive industrial zone deriving from Shanghai’s fine steel industry as its development theme, Baoshan Industrial Park not only enjoys preferential policies for fine steel bases and new township building, but also boasts professional consulting team that provide full life-cycle services to companies. Furthermore, it is also considered as a manufacturing and logistics hub that connects seaways, railways and waterways. Upon completion, the road network in the industrial park will consist of three north/south-running roads, three east/west running ones and two ring-shaped ones, connecting to arteries such as inner-ring, outer-ring, suburban-ring and metro lines. There will be three river courses running through the park into the Yangtze River and other rivers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The park is 10 kilometers away from the suburban-ring, 15 kilometers away from the outer-ring, 20 kilometers from the inner-ring, 11 kilometers away from the railway marshaling station, 28 kilometers from People’s Square downtown, 35 kilometers away from Pudong International Airport, and 34 kilometers away from Hongqiao International Airport. As planned, metro line M1, M3 and M7 will extend into the north.

    With highly efficient planning, investment, construction and services, Baoshan Industrial Park strives to be platform for companies’ sustainable growth. Over 30% greenery coverage makes the park additionally refreshing. Phase by phase, the park will be facilitated with transportation, water supply and drainage, sewerage, postage, heat, gas and telecommunications. The park encourages investment in industry derived from fine steel, metal equipment, new material R&D and manufacturing, electronics and appliances, logistics and commerce, and puts an emphasis on technological and environment-friendly industries that are sophisticated, highly value-added and sustainable. Projects of R&D, manufacturing, processing, services and commerce are abundant in the park.

    BaoshanIndustrial Parkencourages investors from home and abroad to set up projects in conformity with the requirements of famous brands of the secondary and tertiary industries, export-orientated and export processing enterprises, products that are of high input, output and high tech, and businesses in modern industry, business, logistics and services. Companies that meet standards below are especially welcomed:

    1. With qualifications prescribed by the park;

    2. Annual revenue no less than $100 million;

    3. Headquarters or parent companies with over 300 employees;

    4. With branches or offices set up outside of the home country.

    The park will work with relevant departments to build a one-stop platform to provide companies with full life-cycle services.