Shanghai Multimedia Park

    As China's economic heart, Shanghai regards information industry as the first pillar industry in the new century. The People's Government of Changning District has also timely proposed the "Digital Changning" strategy that is committed to the informatization of urban development, with Shanghai Multimedia Park emerging at the right and this very moment.

    Founded in March 2002 and with construction approved by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Multimedia Park, located in the central area of Changning District and adjacent to Zhongshan Park, is an emerging industrial park integrating offices, commerce, residence and other projects. With its superior location, complete supporting facilitiesand advanced planning, the Park is bound to become the strategic center of Digital Changning.

    Shanghai Multimedia Park focuses on the development of the visual arts industry, with its involved market areas including video production, animated cartoon, advertising, multimedia production and multimedia information services, game development, architectural design, industrial design, system simulation, virtual reality and virtual environments.

    The Park’s main function lies in exhibition, trade, training and production of multimedia technology and products, which will gradually form the following seven centers:

    1. The Research and Development Center, by gathering relevant enterprises and establishing public laboratories, aims to transform itself into a multimedia research and development center at municipal or national level;

    2. The Exhibition Center showcases first-class multimedia technological achievements as well as related products and services from home and abroad;

    3. The Trading Center sets up multifunctional building or trading venues to trade multimedia-related products and software;

    4. The Investment Center establishes investment service institutions and clubs to conduct venture investment in relevant enterprises;

    5. The Training Centre offers multimedia certification through educational training for various multimedia professionals;

    6. The Conference Center, with a multifunctional exhibition center, can hold various domestic and international professional and academic conferences;

    7. The Incubation Center, providing comprehensive services and counseling, is committed to supporting multimedia small and medium-sized enterprises as well as promoting their innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Shanghai Multimedia Park Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

    Aimed at better facilitating the role of park incubator in the development of multimedia industry, Shanghai Multimedia Park Venture CapitalCo., Ltd. (MPVC), founded in May 2003, was jointly established by Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, Changning District Technology Innovation Center, New Changning (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Weizhong Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

    As a professional company engaged in multimedia business incubating, venture investment in high-tech enterprises, as well as management of hi-tech parks and incubators, MPVC, grounded on multimedia industrial park, expands its park policies, functions and services in everywhere of Shanghai, and establishes several incubation bases to attract excellent multimedia companies, especially those with bright prospects.

    Adhering to the philosophy of "simple and efficient" services and “people-oriented" management, MPVC is committed to raisingstart-upfund with professional fund management, establishing investment alliance in multimedia industry to provide funds for multimedia start-ups. More importantly, MPVC will integrate capital, technology, talents, services and other advantageous resources to arduously create a lively MPVC entrepreneurial family, which provides a good business environment of resource sharing and complementary advantages. MPVC not only helps startupsto establish strategicpartnership, but also provides them with commerce, technology, law, finance, administration, office and other professional services in their earlystages. MPVC will help startups to explore the business world, reduce their entrepreneurial risks and make them successful.