Shanghai Gucun Industrial Park


    Shanghai Gucun Industrial Parkwas integrated into Gucun Industrial Park of Shanghai Yuyang Industrial Zone, as approved by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. The 3.63-square-kilometre park is in the northeast of Gucun Town, Baoshan District, neighboring Yanghang Town to the east, Baoan Highway to the south, Panjing Road to the west and Meipu River to the north.

    Development Situation

    After years of development and gradual implementation, the ground of the park is paved flat and infrastructure projects have been completed including road, electricity, telecommunication, cable TV, water supply, rainfall drainage, waste water emission and heat supply. The industrial park is mainly used for business investment operation for the requisited and developed lands, as well as the related management service and other activities for public infrastructure, greenery, sanitation, river courses, municipal administration, business investment and construction projects. Meanwhile, as the management centre of the industrial park, Gucun Industrial Company has already obtained ISO14001 certification in environmental management and ISO9001 certification in quality management.

    Leading Industries

    Currently the industrial park has nurtured an initial industrial chain of machinery manufacture, automobile parts, nonferrous metallurgy, precision electronic products and garment processing.