Shanghai Jinshan Development Park

    Sitting in southwestern Shanghai and at the northern shore of Hangzhou Bay, Shanghai Jinshan Development Park is a southern door of Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta to the outside world. It is one of the largest nine city-level industrial zones with a planned area of 58 square kilometers. The design provided by Singapore Jurong Consulting Co., Ltd. embodies the latest international design concept, with the layout novel and the structure unique. Ecology and humanization are fully reflected in the whole planning. The development park is divided into one main center, one new Jinshan international community and two industrial parks. Biological medicine, electronic information, machinery manufacturing and fine chemical engineering are the main industries developed here.

    Jinshan Development Parkenjoys convenient transportation and a favorable location. There are four highways in the park. Tingfeng Highway runs to Hangzhou and other cities in Zhejiang Province in the west and Pudong International Airport in the east. Xinfengjin and other highways lead to the downtown in the north, as well as Ningbo and other places in Zhejiang Province through Hangzhou Bay Bridge in the west. Jiajin Highway goes north to connect Huhang, Huqingping and Huning Highways. Tongsan Highway leads to Jiangsu and other provinces in the north and ends in Heilongjiang Province, as well as leads to Nantong and other cities in Zhejiang Province and ends in Hainan Province.

    Boasting of unique location, flexible policies and good service, the development park will be actively devoted to the investment development, construction management, project application, business attraction service and relationship coordination. It sincerely welcomes domestic and overseas companies to invest and pursue development.


    Jinshan Development Parkwas designed by the world-famous Singapore Jurong Consulting Co., Ltd. Learning from the successful experience of many industrial parks, and taking into consideration the development plan of this park, the company has designed “two axes, two centers and two areas”. The water system and greenery are sophisticatedly arranged. The infrastructure projects including road, electricity, water supply, rainfall and waste water discharge, natural gas, telecommunication and broadband, all of which meet high standards. It is planned to build a new Jinshan international community that integrates various functions like living, education, business, conference and exhibition, and leisure and entertainment. The eco-friendly, personalized, modern and internationalized development concept will be sufficiently embodied in the construction of the community.

    Two axes: an S-shaped north to south road and the east to west Zhulu Road

    Two centers: a main center of the development park and a sub-center

    Two areas: the eastern standard manufacture area and the western living auxiliary area of R&D technology


    Jinshan Development Parkis located in the east of Jinshan District and at the center of Yangtze River Delta economic ring. It is surrounded by Tingfeng Highway, Jiajin Highway, Caolang Highway and South Songwei Road, adjacent to Xinfengjin Highway, Huhang Highway, Tongsan Highway, 320 National Expressway, Huhang Railway and Jinshan Railway branch. It is an important traffic hub of Shanghai to radiate to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian and other provinces. It takes great advantage in geographical location: 48 kilometers from the city’s downtown area, 42 kilometers from Hongqiao International Airport, 58 kilometers from Pudong International Airport, 60 kilometers from Yangshan Deepwater Port, and 33 kilometers from Hangzhou Bay Bridge.


    As an industrial base, Jinshan Development Park lays emphasis on the development of high-tech industries like electronic information, machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, new material and R&D technology. A business investment service team was build up following the Jinshan spirit of “creativity is as precious as gold, integrity is as enormous as mountain”, so as to provide one-stop service for enterprises in terms of investment consultation, procedures, project construction, etc. The enterprises settled in the park can also enjoy the favorable policies for city-level industrial zones, having an overall saving on business cost and improving their investing efficiency.