Shanghai Chongming Industrial Zone

    Shanghai Chongming Industrial Zone, formally Chongming County Foreign Business Investment Development Zone, was established in March 1994, and became a city-level industrial zone in February 1996 with approval by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. The 10-square-kilometre industrial zone is characteristic of:

    Advantageous Location

    The industrial zone was in Chengqiao Town where the Country Government is located. It neighbors the central town in the east, Nanmen Port in the south, an important port of Chongming to the outside, Sanshanghong and Nanhengyin Rivers that lead to all directions in the west, the secondary national Zhenhai Highway in the north, which is the major transportation artery on the island. Directly influenced by the opening and reform projects of Pudong, it is only 10 kilometers from Chongming International Airport under construction, and 40 kilometers from Pudong New Area.

    Convenient Transportation

    The external transportation network of the industrial zone extends in all directions. Chongming’s largest vehicle and passenger port is 1 kilometer to its south. Taking a full-air-cushioned high-speed passenger ferry for half an hour, you can arrive at Shanghai Baoyang Road Port. Over an hour’s ride on a vehicle and passenger ferry will get you to Baoshan Shidongkou Port and Jiangsu Liuhe Port. Niupeng Harbor, the important harbor in northern Chongming, is 32 kilometers in its north. You will arrive in Haimen of Jiangsu Province, which is the gateway to the expansive area of northern Jiangsu, after half an hour’s ferry. Chonghai Bridge, which has already been approved to construct, will stand between Chongming’s Niupeng Harbor and Haimen’s Qinglong Harbor.

    Outstanding Role

    As a comprehensive city-level industrial zone, Chongming Industrial Zone takes a main role in leading the whole county’s industrial enterprises to achieve modern management, through importing high technology and projects from home and abroad as well as adjusting and updating Chongming’s industrial structure, and also provides service for the leaving of downtown and the central government’s third-tier state-owned enterprises. It has gradually become an essential part of economic growth to Chongming’s development. It’s playing a special role of “island bridge” in developing Pudong, revitalizing Shanghai and promoting the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta.

    Deliberate Planning

    The industrial zone is planned as an area with reasonable facilities and favorable environment for production, work and residence. Currently 370 hectares are planned for industrial region, 59 hectares for storage, 37 hectares for public construction, 227 hectares for residence, 140 hectares for greenery, 145 hectares for roads. In line with the overall standards of “high starting point for planning, high standard for construction, high speed of implementation” put forward by Chongming County Party Committee and County Government, the administrative committee of the industrial zone is quickly pushing the implementation. Complete facilities including water, electricity, road, telecommunication, standard factory building, and greenery have been prepared for the first phase of one square kilometer.

    Considerate Service

    The administrative committee is authorized by Chongming County Party Committee and County Government to manage affairs and implement the right of comprehensive approval, including: drawing up the planning and organizing implementation; directly approving the investment projects as entrusted by the County Government; taking full responsibility for the development, use and operation of the land in the zone; self-designing the incentives for the enterprises that invest in building factories and are registered in the zone, as well as those who contribute to introducing fund and projects into the zone. The industrial zone has established its own project service centre, property management centre, tax office and administrative office for industry and commerce. It integrates the functions of these relevant departments to offer one-stop service for the Chinese and foreign businesses investing here.

    Favorable Policies

    ChongmingCountyenjoys a special island policy from the municipal government of “supporting the island with its own income”. As a result, Chongming County Party Committee and County Government have formulated the Favorable Tax Policies for Further Promoting Chongming’s Economic Development, and Several Policy Suggestions on Accelerating the Development and Construction of Chongming Industrial Zone. Its administrative committee has finalized the Incentive Policies for Chongming Industrial Zone. All the Chinese and foreign enterprises that invest in building factories and are registered in the industrial zone can have access to the three favorable policies mentioned above.

    Developing Chongming Island is the third step of Shanghai’s “three-step” economic growth route. As the extension of Pudong’s development, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government are building up the brand of Chongming. In the 21st century, Chongming is going to become the investment hot spot of Shanghai’s general opening up and development. We enthusiastically welcome friends from China and foreign countries to do business on Chongming Island. We hope that our friends will have a prosperous and fruitful future on this promising precious island.

    Development Direction of Industrial Enterprises

    The development direction of the industrial zone is to actively introduce new technology from home and abroad, to make full use of Chongming’s resource advantages and the large industries of the city to vigorously develop export-oriented economy; the focus is to develop technology, resource, supporting, technical reform and foreign-currency-earning projects that contain high technology, high added value, low freight volume, and zero pollution. Consequently, a modern industrial zone with auxiliary infrastructure projects, socialized service and advanced management will be built. The detailed projects are:

    1. Food processing related to Chongming’s specialties

    2. Meters and devices

    3. Electronic and telecommunication equipment

    4. Light industry and construction products

    5. Garments and textile

    6. Automobile components

    7. Art craft fine processing

    8. Biological and health products

    9. Electromechanical and machinery products

    10. Other pollution-free industrial projects