Shanghai Shibei High-tech Park


    Shanghai Shibei High-tech Park(abbreviated as the Park) was founded in 1992 with approval from the Planning Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and constructed and developed by Zhabei District People’s Government.

    In 1998, the Park became a part of Shanghai High-tech Industrial Zone (currently Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone). In 2006, it was entitled to one of the 4th batch of provincial-level industrial park by the National Development and Reform Commission, and was the only city-level development zone in downtown Shanghai. The Park became a Shanghai city-level high-tech industrial development zone in 2008, and one year later, it was Shanghai’s first national technological industry base and one of the first function zones for producer services.

    With Sitang River to its east, Yuepu River to its west, Zoumatang River and Changzhong Road to its north, and Wenshui Road to its South, the Park is one of the key industrial function zones in Zhabei District with its 3.13 square kilometers of planned area. In recent years, the Park remains a 30% growth rate in terms of district taxes, and is an essential support to the district’s economy.

    Development Situation

    After being developed and constructed for several years, Shibei High-tech Park has a complete infrastructure supply of water, electricity, gas, telecommunication and drainage. As the construction of the second phase goes on, the regulatory plan will enable it to have modern facilities like comprehensive wiring, wide-band internet, and optical cable communication, in order to ensure a favorable environment for manufacture and operation.

    Leading Industries

    In these years, Shibei High-tech Park has focused on adjusting industry structure, continuously strengthened the formation and environment building, promoted industry assembling, speeded up the transformation of service concept and function. Consequently, it has achieved the transfer from being a traditional industrial park to a producer service zone that concentrates on the leading functions such as R&D, service outsourcing, and headquarter enterprises. So far around 70% of the enterprises here are in producer service industry. It appears the park is going to develop with the lead of industrial adjustment. With the Park laying great efforts, the effect of industrial adjustment and industrial assembling is gradually observed.

    In-park Enterprises

    The regional and functional headquarters of enterprises, represented by Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and the direct subsidiary Shanghai Branch of China Railway Engineering Corporation, the R&D centers of transnational companies like Huanda Computer (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Advantech Intelligent Services Co., Ltd., as well as the outsourced service institutions like SYKES (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhilian Yicai Talent Consulting Co., Ltd.