Shanghai Yanghang Industrial Park


    It is set in Yanghang Town, which is in central Baoshan District, adjacent to the outer ring road, 3 kilometers to Baoshan harbor area in the east, 5 kilometers to Zhanghuabang harbor area and Hejiawan railway in the southeast, 10 kilometers to the inner ring road in the south, 28 kilometers to Hongqiao International Airport in the southwest, neighboring Bao Steel Group in the north and Huchang Steel Group in the east. The water and road network is convenient: four inner water courses extend to all directions, one railway goes through Yanghang, and truckload and LTL freight will be shipped to the entire country via Yanghang Railway Station.

    Development Situation

    The industrial park is well-equipped with traffic facilities, service centre and living amenities. It lays emphasis on integrating planning with real situation and nature, fully embodying the principle of “people as the core factor”. A combination of central greenery, road greenery, green belt and riverway greenery are applied to environmental construction. They form a main greenery system to represent the image of the industrial park. The planning focuses on the transformation of city functions, adjustment of industrial structure, and the optimized allocation of urban land resources. The park actively takes in the industrial projects from in and out of the city, and takes full advantage of Yunchuan Road and Fujin Road to make overall arrangements within the surrounding area.

    Leading Industries

    Logistics, transport and storage are the key industries at the eastern section of Yanghang Industrial Park. In line with the guiding spirit of Shanghai governors, the economic development strategy for the western section is to develop an especially strong industry relying on Bao Steel. Therefore, it is built as an industrial processing area with industrial manufacture and extended industry of metallurgy processing as the core. After these few years, the seven industries and perfect auxiliary service are developed, including steel manufacture, machinery, electronics, fine chemicals, new construction materials, extended processing industry of metallurgy, modern logistics and light food. They have created good conditions for the speedy development of Yanghang Industrial Park.