Shanghai Yuepu Industrial Park


    Shanghai Yuepu Industrial Parkis located in the northern region of Baoshan District, close to the country’s largest modern steel enterprise Bao Steel Group. The total 750 hectares of planned area consist of the northern section (Shanghai Shidongkou Economic Sub-Zone) and the southern section. The water and road traffic of Yuepu Industrial Park is quite convenient. The waterway connects inner river and costal waters; the roads lead to each direction. The northern section is a city-level zone approved by Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission, with the leading industries being environment-friendly industries and those with a certain standard for waste emission. Following the economic development strategy of “one outstanding industry and many other excellent ones”, the southern section is poised for the extended industry of steel and metallurgy processing, metal material industry and as a base of manufacturing, processing and assembling electronic products.

    Leading Industries

    Yuepu Industrial Park has till now fundamentally covered a group of industries mainly including the extended industry of steel and metallurgy, paper, computer-related products, logistics, medical chemistry, environmental protection and electromechanical manufacture.