Shanghai Luodian Industrial Park


    The industrial park is set in North Shanghai, with Panjing River, Yueluo Road, Jixian Road and Shitai Road adjoining it respectively in the east, south, west and north. The 45-square-kilometre Luodian Town, which is home to the industrial park, meets the mouth of the Yangtze River in the east, Jiading District in the west and Taichang of Jiangsu Province in the north. It has a population of 50,000 and a history of 700 years. Luodian Industrial Park was founded in 1999 with a planning area of 271 hectares.

    Development Situation

    It is well-built in terms of infrastructure projects of rainfall drainage, waste water emission, water and electricity supply, and telecommunication, with precise details. In recent years, the construction of Nordic-fashioned new Luodian Town, designed by Sweden expert team and Shanghai Tongji University, continued as planned by the municipal government. As the construction of the main projects came to an end including Meilan Lake, Lake Meilan International Convention Center, Nordic Street, Nobel Technology Park, super five-star hotel and a 36-hole golf course for PGA international games, the environment for investment is further improved at Luodian Industrial Park.

    Leading Industries

    Its main industries cover: deep processing of steel products, automobile parts, electronics and electric devices, biological medicine, and machinery manufacture.