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Highlights of July 27 Press Conference on Shanghai Health Promotion Plan (2011-2020)

Li Zhongyang, deputy director of Shanghai Health Promotion Committee and assistant supervisor of Shanghai Health Bureau

Eastday.com:Hi Ms. Li. You just talked about the proper use of antibiotics and I’d like to know whether the health authority has investigated the use of antibiotics by local hospitals and whether new regulations will be set to control the use and sale of antibiotics. Thank you.

Li:We do have standards for hospitals. In fact, the Ministry of Health has issued a strict regulation this year on prescription of antibiotics. For example, it rules that Grade-A hospitals can use no more than 50 kinds of antibiotics; Grade-B hospitals are limited to only 35 kinds. We have a whole set of measures to monitor and manage hospitals. So far we have started the monitoring. The medical insurance department recently conducted a survey on the use of antibiotics and found that about 60 percent of patients used antibiotics. Therefore, we think we should intensify public education on correct use of antibiotics and the training of doctors.

Regarding antibiotics sold by pharmacies, as far as I know, the Shanghai Food & Drug Administration has not made a detailed survey. But it goes without saying that antibiotics belong to prescription drugs. They can’t be sold without a doctor’s prescription. The administration has rules for sales of antibiotics and two things are very clearly: First, antibiotics must be bought with a prescription; second, the inspection and supervision of pharmacies must be strengthened.

Shanghai Morning Post:I’m from Shanghai Morning Post. I have one question for you. I remember the Shanghai Health Promotion Plan includes ten actions. One is about cigarette and alcohol control. Would you please tell us the details, especially alcohol control?

Li:The cigarette control has two parts. I spoke earlier that we will strengthen law enforcement as well as education and promotion of cigarette control in public places. Besides these, enterprises must exercise self-discipline so that the smoking ban can be well established. The Municipal People’s Congress pushes cigarette control in a focused area every season. This year, schools are targeted in the first season; governmental establishments are the focus in the second season; and entertainment venues and restaurants are for the third season. We will try to improve cigarette control in public places through enterprise self-discipline, administrative inspection, public supervision and the guidance of the Municipal People’s Congress.

The second part involves anti-smoking services. Last year we distributed the Shanghai Citizen Health Improvement Booklet, which contains information about tobacco detox clinics across the city. People can also dial hotline 12320 to consult about ways to quit smoking.

About the alcohol control you just mentioned, we mainly warn people about the hazards of alcohol drinking through public awareness campaigns. We pay top attention to minimizing the threats of alcohol drinking to public security, such as drunk driving. Just in this week, Shanghai traffic police has handled about 30 cases of drunk driving and 235 cases of violation involving drinking.

CCTV Financial Channel:I’d like to ask Ms Li about any plan or measure Shanghai has taken to improve the health of elderly people besides controlling their oil and salt consumption?

Li:It’s the responsibility of the whole society to take care of the old people. The Shanghai Health Promotion Plan (2011-2020) contains specific measures and I won’t repeat them here. But I want to emphasize that we’re offering physical exam to everyone aged over 60 and local administrations are offering them various services, such as housework aid and nursing homes. Besides, we also organize fitness groups for seniors in communities to make their life healthier and happier through group activities. Thank you.