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Highlights of September 7 Press Conference on an air-defense warning drill in Shanghai and the National Defense Education Day

Xie Yahong, deputy director of the political department of Shanghai Garrison Command and director of the Shanghai National Defense Education Office

Wang Huying, inspector of the Shanghai Civil Defense Office

1. Oriental Morning Post: I have a question for Senior Colonel Xie Yahong of Shanghai Garrison. Since schools have opened for the new semester, apart from the National Defense Education Day on September 17, what other measures do we have to spread national defense education?

Xie: National defense education is strategic for national security. In Shanghai, the education is divided into five levels. First is the education of Party and government leaders and public servants. This education has been included in the studies of core Party teams, the Party school curriculum and routine education activities. It has been combined with the development of army and civil work. 
Second is to lay a solid foundation among young students. National defense education should enter schools and combine with both classroom and outdoor educational activities. We must lay emphasis on national defense education and soldier recruitment. Third is to carry out education on militia reservists, especially when they have military training or carry out important tasks. 
Fourth, national defense education in urban and rural areas will be strengthened within grassroots public cultural activities and the creation of national defense education venues in neighborhoods. We will carry out the education among all walks of society, especially in new economic organizations, social organizations and migrant people. Fifth, we will provide resources and materials for national defense education in order to promote and achieve the best results.

2. Jiefang Daily: I’d like to ask Mr Wang to introduce more about the air-defense warning drill since common citizens don’t know much about the warning. My second question is that you said just now that citizens needn’t take any action when the air-defense warning starts. If it is in a war, what shall we do when hearing the warning?

Wang: The outdoor siren is mainly used to give air-defense warning alarms. It’s divided into a big, medium and small alarm according to the sound level.
If it’s in a war, citizens should keep calm when they hear the warning and take measures based on what kind of warning it is.
If it is an early warning, citizens should cut off their home electricity and gas before entering appointed civil defense areas with personal protective equipment and daily necessities.
If citizens hear air alerts, all the people except those who must stay at their posts should enter the civil defense projects or find shelters if they have no time to enter the civil defense projects.
When a siren is sounded that lifts the alerts, citizens should return home or work, rescue the injured people, put out fire and repair damaged things to reduce losses caused by the air raid as much as possible.